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On-boarding process
What is the on-boarding preparation?
Can I store personal belongings in the property?
What is classified as an entire place?
What is the cleaning fee?
What is the matching process?
Guest check-ins
What is a contactless check-in?
What conditions do guests need to meet before checking in?
Can I see the check-in history?
How is the cleaning fee calculated?
General questions
What is a short-term rental?
Why choose StayPro Hosting?
Is short-term rental management right for you?
Is there a minimum management duration?
Other questions
What features does a StayPro user account support?
What is long-term rental mode and flexible mode?
What is short-term rental arbitrage management?
In which cities is the StayPro service available?
How do I get reimbursed for maintenance?

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