Montreal short-term rental regulations in 2022

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Montreal Quebec Airbnb rules and permits

To help the Montreal hosts, we wrote this guide as your tool rather than a licensing reference or a what-you-should-do guide. Please refer to Airbnb Support Page - Montréal, for a complete regulation guide.

How many operating Airbnb listings are in Montreal?

According to statistics provided by, Montreal has 19,495 operating Airbnb listings.

How many operating licensed Airbnb listings are in Montreal?

According to statistics provided by CITQ, there are 261 licensed tourist homes operating in Montreal as of December 15, 2021. You can find real time data on the CITQ official website here:

What are the related official government websites?

If you are still in doubt, please reference government documents who are of course the ultimate authority. Here are some government websites if you have any questions:


Regulations in the province of Québec

Firstly, Québec asks hosts to obtain a certificate of classification if they are renting:

  1. to tourists
  2. for a period of 31 days or less (by the night, week or weekend)
  3. in exchange for remuneration
  4. on media, regardless of type (website, social network, bulletin board, newspaper, sign, etc.)

How do I get a certificate of classification for a principal residence?

According to the Airbnb Support Page - Montréal, a certificate of classification is necessary whether the host is renting out their principal or secondary residence.

You may apply here:

According to the CITQ website, a principal residence must meet all of the following conditions:

  1. You live there on a regular basis
  2. It is the central location for your family and social activities, particularly when it is not used as a tourist accommodation establishment
  3. The address corresponds to that provided to government departments and agencies

How do I get a certificate of classification for ‘tourist homes’?

According to CITQ, tourist homes are establishments, other than principal establishment residences, that offer accommodation in furnished apartments, houses or cottages, including kitchen facilities.

You may apply here:

According to the CITQ website, you must:

  1. “Follow municipal regulations.
  2. Have a C$ 2 million liability insurance.
  3. Make your listing public (i.e Airbnb).
  4. Your establishment must pass an inspection done by the CITQ classifier.”

What will the CITQ classifier look at?

According to the CITQ website, “the classifier visits the establishment and, using hundreds of strict and objective criteria, rates:

  1. the quality of physical facilities (bedroom, bathroom, common areas, outside, etc.);
  2. its appearance;
  3. its cleanliness;
  4. services offered;
  5. certain environmental considerations.”

Eligible areas/zoning in Montreal

Not sure in which Montreal areas you can operate?

Please use this official tool given by the Montreal municipality to check your eligibility:

The Montreal municipality website specifies the criteria that hosts must meet in their borough. Here is the summary of the eligible areas, but please use the URL above as the ultimate reference since our information could be outdated as bylaws change:

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

A dwelling rented on a regular basis is considered a commercial tourist accommodation. This type of rental is authorized only in the following commercial areas:

Boulevard Saint-Laurent between Rue Sherbrooke and Avenue du Mont-Royal Rue Saint-Denis between Rue Sherbrooke Est and Rue Gilford

However, because it is associated with the collaborative economy, the occasional rental of a primary residence is authorized throughout the borough.

Le Sud-Ouest

Tourist homes are only allowed in residential buildings located on:

  1. Rue Notre-Dame Ouest between Rue Rose-de-Lima and Rue Charlevoix
  2. Rue Peel in the Griffintown area
  3. Rue Wellington in the Griffintown area
  4. Rue du Square-Gallery between Rue des Bassin and Canal de Lachine.
  5. Two tourist homes must have at least 150 metres between them.


Depending on the area, operating a tourist home is allowed, including bed and breakfast, hotel-apartments and hotels.

Bed and breakfast
A bed and breakfast (B&B) is operated out of someone’s home. It must have its own entrance and have four or five bedrooms.

A building that is designed to offer short-term lodging; it has apartments with individual kitchens.

Tourist homes are only allowed on:
Rue Sainte-Catherine between Rue Saint-Mathieu and Rue Atateken (Amherst)

Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie

Operating tourist homes (bed and breakfast or hotel-apartments) is only allowed in certain areas.

Only permitted within the portion of Rue Saint-Hubert located north of rue de Bellechasse and south of Rue Jean-Talon Est, which is where Plaza Saint-Hubert is located.


Operating a tourist home is only allowed in areas where there are businesses and buildings with three or more dwellings.

For all other boroughs, the website states: ‘This service is not offered in this borough.’

Since we do not update the article in real time, please make sure that the information is still applicable. StayPro advises that you do your own research as this article is not comprehensive, and does not constitute legal or tax advice.

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